Monday, July 6, 2009

Pykhara Falls - Ooty

One of the many "must-see" sights is the Pykhara Falls. Approximately 28 km from Ooty, these beautiful falls are worth a visit.

It took us about 3 hours for a round trip to this place from Ooty. Everything we found on the way there was awesome and breathtaking. The views are magnificent. There is a shooting meadow on the way to the falls. It was there the film songs were shot most of the time. There is nothing up the hill there except for the grass and again, the views. I hyperventilated on my way up the hill. All in all an amazing experience which I'm sure if I had not done then, I would never have been able to do it later.

We found this beautiful golf course on our way to the falls. It was vast and never ending. We wondered how anyone could put the ball in the hole without letting it fall among the huge trees in the middle of the course. I'm sure it is one of the toughest courses to play on.
Once we reached the place, we had to walk another 2-3 km to reach the falls. Luckily it was not up hill. There were many steps to climb down though and I cursed myself on my way back up to have shown so much enthu to get down all the steps to take that perfect picture of the falls. I'm not sure still if I got that shot. But I'm sure I couldn't have gone any further down, not that I couldn't but there weren't any steps any more.
The falls weren't as huge as we expected but at the same time we were not disappointed at what we saw. It was worth everything getting down there and seeing those falls.
There was one disppointment though, that we couldn't go the Pykhara boat house which is told to be very beautiful. We planned to go there again in our next trip. When we do, I shall post about it too. In case you go there before I do, please do share the pictures with me.
I hope you liked the pictures and do visit the falls, without fail, when in Ooty.
Have a great week ahead.

St. Stephen's Church - Ooty

I apologise for keeping you people waiting. I have started working and most of my time goes into my work. I hardly find time to write posts, try out new recipes as I used to before and I do not find time at all to chat with T. That is very bad, considering we spent atleast 2 hours a day in the past 6 months using our gtalk to chat.

This beautiful 170 year old church stands tall on the Church Hill Road. It was very near to the place we stayed. Having passed by the church almost everyday, we didn't realise this was what we were looking for until we were told by the manager in the hotel, as this was on the last day's list of places to be visited. It was so peaceful inside.

The one thing you notice about this church is that it has been built in a British fashion. No wonder, as this was built by the then Britishers ruling this part of Tamil Nadu. Did you guys know that Ooty was the favourite holiday destination for them when they were ruling this part of the world?

The huge wooden beams in the church were made from the wood brought from the palace of Tipu Sultan in Srirangapatanam. The woods was carried by elephants all the way from Srirangapatanam to Ooty. It was one of the many reasons we went to see the church. The people there are so proud of the church for its heritage. I some how found it to be more interesting than the St. Phelomena's Church in Mysore.

Do visit this church when in Ooty. Have a great week ahead.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ooty'Beauties - The Centenary Rose Garden

The rose garden in Ooty is a feast to your eyes. Different types of roses with their weird names, lined up just for you. I have a suggestion for the people taking care of the garden. If only they could plant roses of same variety at one place and in groups, that would give an amazing look to the garden. We spent 2 hours in the garden clicking every kind of a rose. We just couldn't leave the place.

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