Monday, July 6, 2009

St. Stephen's Church - Ooty

I apologise for keeping you people waiting. I have started working and most of my time goes into my work. I hardly find time to write posts, try out new recipes as I used to before and I do not find time at all to chat with T. That is very bad, considering we spent atleast 2 hours a day in the past 6 months using our gtalk to chat.

This beautiful 170 year old church stands tall on the Church Hill Road. It was very near to the place we stayed. Having passed by the church almost everyday, we didn't realise this was what we were looking for until we were told by the manager in the hotel, as this was on the last day's list of places to be visited. It was so peaceful inside.

The one thing you notice about this church is that it has been built in a British fashion. No wonder, as this was built by the then Britishers ruling this part of Tamil Nadu. Did you guys know that Ooty was the favourite holiday destination for them when they were ruling this part of the world?

The huge wooden beams in the church were made from the wood brought from the palace of Tipu Sultan in Srirangapatanam. The woods was carried by elephants all the way from Srirangapatanam to Ooty. It was one of the many reasons we went to see the church. The people there are so proud of the church for its heritage. I some how found it to be more interesting than the St. Phelomena's Church in Mysore.

Do visit this church when in Ooty. Have a great week ahead.

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