Saturday, June 13, 2009

What is wrong with the people???????????

Hi guys, I apologise for being away for so long. I got busy and I have started working now. The working hours are so hectic that I hardly get time to post. Today is my weekly off and so here's my new post. Wondering what I'm going to talk in this post??????
Well............. the other evening I was getting back home from work. I take bus and it takes me 1 hour to get back home. There was this man in the bus who seemed to be 40 years old and was standing right next to me. The buses here are very crowdy, same as the other metropolitan cities. People just push eachother to find a place to stand. That evening there wasn't much crowd. This man was literally falling on to me. I told him that he's causing inconvenience to me and the woman sitting next to me. Every time I looked at him to say that before, he looked away just then, I knew he was intentionally doing that. Finally, I did tell him. He didn't stop even after me telling him that. Finally I got so vexed, I told him " Probably you are too tired and too weak to stand that you are falling, I think you should sit down" and I offered him my place. He didn't sit, instead he just got down from the bus when it stopped in the next stop.
I was so upset with his behaviour. This is not the first time I was seeing something like this. I heard my friends say similar things to me before.
I just do not understand what is wrong with people? What fun do they get out of trying to rub their private parts on to others' shoulders? Also, I found that acts like these are mostly done by men in their 40s. I guess this is because of the over harmonal activity at that age. But there sure is a limit. Can't they wait till they get back home to their partner? If they dont have one, they sure can go to those who are willing to have sex with them but why trouble everyone like this?
After a long day and going through tiresome journey, is it necessary to face something like this????????????? For once I felt like slapping him but before I do that I wanted to know if this man was doing it intentionally or was he really weak and tired that he was falling on me. Now I think I should have slapped him and then may be he wouldn't dare do that to another woman in future.
I was so upset that day. The next day I told my colleagues and they told me even worse had happened to them. To name a few, 2 girls who work with me were hit on their bums by a guy on bike in 2 different situations. One girl's friend was rubbed on her thighs by a man in 40s when she was travelling in the bus. She slapped him in front of everyone right then. Kudos to her.
I really wish there comes a time when men would be scared to get out of the house and stay out late nights. All these men who trouble women should be troubled by the same women so that these men know what those women went through when they were put through such ugly situations.

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  1. Hey ,congratulations to you that you are working now.I think that person needed a tight slap from you..rather than words.

    And yes,I too faced the same when I was traveling by bus. U never understand if the person is falling on you purposefully or it is by the time we realize and react he is out of the bus.Or he will be fighting against us.
    I found these men around their forties sitting in the senior citizens and ladies seats and don't even care to getup even if an old woman in her sixties is standing in front of them.I used to feel like giving the person a tight slap and send backside to stand!!!