Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Avial - My style

Hey I'm back again with another recipe. This time it is one of my most favourites. My every recipe has a story attached to it and so has this too.
I first tasted this recipe during my friend's baby's naming ceremony. She is a Tamilian and they had this feast arranged for the lunch and one of the dishes was Avial. I liked it so much that I instantly tried it out the next day. I have made it quite a number of times and each time I made some additions to this dish. Finally, I think that this recipe is ready to be posted for all of you guys to enjoy it.
So here goes...........
  • Vegetables : carrot, potato, beans
  • Curry leaves : 6-7 leaves
  • Green chillies : 3-4 split along the length ( depending on how spicy you want it, you can also skip this but then the dish would be very sweet, but again it is your choice )
  • Yogurt : 4-5 tablespoons, made into thin consistency by mixing water ( pretty much like butter milk )
  • Coconut : fresh, grated about a small cup
  • Oil : for seasoning
  • Asafoetida : half teaspoon
  • Cumin and mustard seeds : 1 teaspoon each
  • Urad dal : half teaspoon
  • Salt : as per your taste , I put it about a table spoon
  • Coriander leaves : for garnishing


  • Pressure cook the vegetables and keep it aside.
  • Heat oil in a wok or pan and add asafoetida, urad dal, cimun and mustard seeds in that order and when the mustard starts sputtering, add curry leaves and split green chillies.
  • Now add vegetables and add salt to it and mix well.
  • Now add butter milk to the veegatbles and let the whole mixture cook for about 10 minutes.
  • Now add coconut and and mix it well and let it cook for about 2 minutes, not more than that as that would let the taste of coconut ruin.
  • Now garnish it with coriander.

Your Avial is ready. Eat it with rice or roti, however you would prefer it to have.

Let me know how you liked it.

Till the next post, Chao................




  1. Oh wow.. I see you've posted lots of recipes.. Loads of catching up for me to do..

  2. Finally Pat visited my blog after a looooooooooong time !!!!!!!!!!!