Friday, December 11, 2009


Going through the old pictures taken in the last trip, I came across these pictures of paintings. We stayed at The Viceroy Hotel in Mysore. They had these beautiful paintings hanging at every corner in the hotel and each bedroom had one of these beautiful paintings.

The above painting was hanging in the main lobby behind the reception. People in Mysore are so proud of their heritage.

This was the painting in our bedroom. It was like a woman sitting there ready to play music any minute. It was as if she was waiting for us to settle down so that we could hear some nice melodies.

These two paintings, above and below, were again in the lobby right next to the lift. There are not many views from the hotel. These paintings made up for those missing views.

The hotel is right in front of the Mysore Maharaja Palace and rooms at the top have a great view of the palace especially at night when the lights are turned on in the Palace.

If you plan on staying in this hotel or for that matter any hotel in Mysore during the Dassera festival, make sure you make reservations atleast 2-3 months in advance.

We visited in July and many of the rooms were occupied. They have an off season from July through August, at which time you might be offered a room for lesser price.

The location of the hotel is perfect. It is not just in front of the Palace but also is quite near to the Chamundi Hill and also St. Phelomena Church which are few must see locations in Mysore.

Oh, and by the way, there is one more Palace in Mysore, Sri Jayachamarajendra Palace which houses the Art Gallery and we missed this.

You make sure to visit this and I'm pretty sure you'll love it if you are an art lover.


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