Thursday, February 12, 2009

To Dear Friend - R

I remember even now when i was 9 years old my parents changed my school.I was little bit scared as a child and little bit shy as i have joined a bigger school compared to my old school.One girl(I know her but she was not my friend then) held my hand and took me to her section(Class) and made me to sit with her.She just embraced me in her wings and i felt the warmth.That was the beginning of our friendship,still continuing and will continue.I always turned to her during my gloomy days.I can say she is my personal adviser.We danced in many of our school day functions together.She was my choreographer.We enjoyed every new year at their home.After schooling we are separated by our subjects we took in our 11th and 12th.She always wrote letters to me during our college days explaining about the environment and friends she had there.Years passed but our friendship never faded.Got married and we are very much busy with our lives.Though we live far away from each other,though we meet rarely,we keep track of each other.We never bossed each others life.We had that space.I still remember each and every page of my life linked with her.I totally enjoyed my days.I am truly blessed to have a friend like her.It is surprising to say that we both think alike.Today is her 2nd marriage anniversary. I wish her all the happiness and all the success in the future.This post is dedicated to you.God Bless you.

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