Tuesday, February 3, 2009

BhimaShankar - the beautiful ghat pilgrimage

One more jyothirlinga is added to the list of spiritual destinations.I have been to Bhima Shankar ( Maharashtra, India) last week.It is located in the end of sahayadri hills,in the dakini forests.I heard that river bhima is originated at this place.Journey to this place is an awesome experience.It took three and half hours ( 128km approx ) from pune.Our Vehicle maneuvered through slim streets of many small villages with people pouring onto the streets during the day,dark and abandoned at night, wondering how come electricity could not reach them.The people here seemed to be living in medieval time yet happy and leading a serene life unlike ours.We have passed through dense forests of dakini,naked mountains, a river and ghat road to reach Bhimashankar.If your are adventurous,you can trek as we passed through many people with their bags and ready to trek..People poured in as it was a long weekend.It took us nearly 3 hours to cross the line and reach the deity.I took the picture from where i was standing in the line.So you can guess how long the line was.I would want to apologize for the bad picture.I promise to get better and more pictures the next time i visit the temple again.Favorable time to visit is from January to march (better during weekdays)as the chill in the air gets reduced.Please don't visit during rainy season as the rains are heavy in this region of india,summers are fine provided you should be able to travel in the hot and take the heat.

Standing in the queue was one experience,seeing the deity and touching the Shiva linga was another.We tend to forget everything when we see the god.The Shiva linga was decorated with a human face.I was wondering how come Lord Shiva chose this place where we people felt difficult to commute even by a four wheeler.Unlike other piligrimage,tourism seems to be untouched,no proper hotels to stay no proper resturants to eat.However i saw one resort on the way to bhima shankar.As we were prepared to withstand hours long queue we could not resist from having freshly made doodh pedha (made from milk) directly from kadai into our mouth. After Darshan I was a bit scared as it was dark and there are no street lights on the ghat and vehicles come in both directions unlike tirupati.The convoy of car light provided the way to each other to pass the ghat and reach safely.Totally the experience was awesome.

For more details I have browsed through and found this site to be informative.



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