Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Buddha Museum - Amaravathi

I have been wanting to write this post ever since I've been to this place but sadly couldn't find time. Never mind, now that I have found the time, I shall introduce you guys to a wonderful museum which is still under construction as it only 80% done from the looks of it.

When we went to Amaravathi, we were told that there is this Buddha museum, the construction of which was started by Dalai Lama, remember the last time he visited India and has been to Amaravathi? When we went there, we were surprised to look at this huge statue of Buddha. Initially, my reaction was " Oh My God!!!!!!!!!".

The carvings on the circular walls were so true to life. We debated on how they could make those carvings on the walls as the finishing was in cement. I shall leave you guys with the pictures. Let those speak for themselves.

I shall visit this place again once it is completely done. Till then, give a treat to your eyes with these pictures.




  1. aaaaahhhhh!!! amazing!!! I love Buddha.. hence will surely go and visit.. Please can you tell me where exactly this is??

  2. Hey Patricia,
    The museum is in Amaravathi.The nearest airport is in Vijayawada.There are number of connecting flights from Hyderabad and few other places to Vijayawada. You can take a taxi from there to Amaravathi and also you can visit Mangalagiri and Undavalli caves on your way there.
    Few more posts coming up on Mangalagiri and Amaravathi. So you'll know all about the place. See you around ...............
    Take care.