Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Ugadi And Gudi Padwa

Today is New year in Andhra Pradesh,Karnataka and Maharastra.In Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh it is called Ugadi and in Maharastra it is called Gudi padwa.We celebrate new year as Ugadi.Every New year has its unique name and this new year is called "Virodhinama".On this day pandits read panchangam,which forecasts our future for one year politically,financially,personally.People visit temples to seek blessings, there will be a huge gathering to hear "Panchangam" which is called " Panchanga Sravanam ".
On this ocassion "Ugadi Pacchadi" is prepared which is a combination of pieces of Mango,Tamarind,Neem flowers,Jaggery,Honey,sugar cane juice.This Ugadi Pacchadi resembles our life which is a combination of sweet,bitter events.This signifies that good events or bad events come and go but we should be in a position to accept everything as they are not permanent.

People invite new year with mango/neem leaves,flowers decorated to their front door,colorful rangoli infornt of the house.Every kitchen is ready with its native delicacies like pulihora,payasam,bobbatlu.This day gives us a mood to get into our tradition like traditional dressing,traditional food,getting blessings from our elders,listening to panchangam,visiting temple for blessings,family get together...etc.These festivals are to be enjoyed in villages of india rather than cities as we get the essence of the festival in villages.

Everyone starts new year afresh with new hopes,new plans,new feelings,new joy.I Wish you too have a happy,healthy,wealthy new year.
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  1. oh yes!! Happy Ugadi.. Hope you have a great year ahead... Yes. I remember.. its puran poli in Mahrashtra.. isnt it... LOvely... Yuuumm!!

  2. Hey Patty,
    Wish you a very happy Ugadi too and may you and your family be bestowed happiness, health and prosperity this year and the years to come.