Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Every Hour is an " Earth Hour "

Few days back there was this slogan " Earth Hour " every where. Which ever news channel I switched to had only one thing to say. " Try to switch off the lights between 8:30 to 9:30 tonight" and i was wondering why only that night and why not everynight and every way? You must be wondering " What is she trying to say?".

Well, what I'm trying to say here is that it is a good thing that people are coming together to get awareness among everyone and trying to do something collectively for our planet, for our future but hasn't anyone thought that this could be done everyday and in every small way to save our planet?

We can do so many things. I would like to mention few things for a start. Hope everyone does this at their home since I follow it.

  • Try not waste water, not to keep the tap turned one while not using the water coming from it ( when we are brushing we tend to keep the tap on though we are not using the water at that moment ).
  • Make it a point to switch off the lights while going out even for a near by shop or walk. Also make sure to use only the lights and fans in the room in which you are in.
  • Try to travel in the same vehicle if you have anyone working at the same place as you are or if some one you know is going to the same place as you are going to. By this we can save energy and also reduce pollution coming from many vehicles.
  • Try not to litter the public places. Have the patience to find a garbage bag to drop in the litter or carry it in your pocket and drop it in the near by garbage bag.
  • Do not try to waste the food. If you have excess food, give it some one who can't afford to have it. Don't just throw it away in garbage.
  • Do one thing at a time so that you dont end up wasting too much off energy. For example, trying to work on computer while watching tv and washing clothes in the washing machine at the same time. This will divide your attention and you might end up doing things consuming more time and energy , both yours and electrical too.
  • Try to switch off lights everyday for one hour at night.
  • Do not heat water for bath and waste your time on something else and reheat the water again, by this you are again wasting energy in more than one form.
  • Plant more trees at your home, your street.
  • Try to help people around you, remember we are trying to save our planet in all the ways possible.

There are many things that can be done right from the place we live in than giving it a larger picture to ourselves and to the world and never attempting to even do it. What I mentioned are very small things which can be taken care of with little attention from us. I believe everything starts form home and that is from where we have to take it.

Hope this post of mine makes some difference to anyone's life. I would be very happy if I could do that.

I welcome everyone to add a point to my post in their own way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  1. Goodness me... We think a like!! Sometimes all the fuss about Earth Hour actually upsets me. I don’t understand why Earth hour cant be there everyday.

    Last week in a shopping mall…. A mom was changing her kids clothes and had the tap running. Now what are you really teaching your kids?? I waited for a while with the hope that she would do something.. Then my little girl commented.. ‘mama, she is wasting water’. I was very pleased!!! I turned it off.. and gave her a glare!!!

    You should see people washing their cars… like water is going to run out of fashion or something… they just use a hosepipe and spray water on the cars. It honestly upsets me!!!

    Even worst… my husband… has to have the TV on (like background music)… and he will be doing Sudoku or crossword.. and bcoz he is using a pencil and paper… switches on all the lights. Its been 8 years.. and he sure hasn’t improved… So I don’t think, I’ll be making any major contribution to Earth Hour daily!!

  2. Good to hear that your educating your daughter,I appreciate that.same is the case with my husband,to brush his teeth he uses at least half bucket of water i suppose and there will be a huge argument in the morning.At last he changed a bit now...whenever he observes that i am watching him he just turn off the tap.
    There are alternative sources of energy...
    for example SOLAR,we got solar water heater fixed at our home due to which the electricity bill came down rapidly...I am happy that atleast we are able to contribute to our environment.We have also got ground water harvesting done so that the rain water is not wasted..however,this has become mandatory during construction of house.
    There are many things that we can do actually in order to save our environment else we will be blamed by our children as they will face a very harsh climatic conditions.