Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gorgeous Goa...

Yesterday night i was sitting in chair in my small veranda looking into the sky.Here and there i could see the stars peeping from the clouds.I was thinking where was i one year back,what was i doing.It was very difficult to recollect as it was one year back.(As i don't remember events that took place a week before).Images flashed into my mind... serene beaches,beautiful churches, yummy ,tangy kokam juice,tasty bebinka....I hope you guessed it...Yeah i have been to goa last year.This was my consecutive second visit to that beautiful place.Initially i was bit skeptical about going to that place as there were stories going around about the security in goa.Inspite of all these things we thought of giving it a try.Initially we planned to travel by train as we can enjoy the picturesque locations.But time was our constraint so thought of taking a flight missing all those beautiful locations(hmmm..never mind).As soon as we landed in goa i could sense that heavy moist air blowing,weather was hot but bearable infact very nice,very sticky feeling(as summer season started).
We took a taxi to Patnem
http://http// of goa,infact it is the southern end of goa i guess).Our taxi manuvoured through small villages,small towns.The roads were shaded by beautiful coconut trees.The architecture in goa is completely different.I found thatched roofs almost every where.At one point we were passing through a ghat road,vehicles coming from both the directions.The ghat was totally covered with cashew nut trees.After an adventurous(because the taxi driver was driving as if there was someone chasing him from the back.) yet beautiful journey we reached a small village.I thought that i would be welcomed by beautiful beach,but all through our journey from airport to patnem i did not find sea and i did not find sand and yeah i felt as if sun was on our head.I was little disappointed by seeing a small village and my eyes were still searching for the beach.We went to an already booked hotel.And to my surprise i saw beautiful beach back of my hotel.My expression was just WOW!!!!!!!!!!.I felt the whole of the beach was just for me.I could only find some people here and there(mostly foreigners).I had a great time in patnem.After spending a day there at patnem we moved to palolem and this is my favourite beach.There were many small shacks on the beach and great sea food.

Our shack :-) a few steps away from the beach. The sea was not so deep there,that is we can go a little bit into the sea and see that the water had just reached till our knees.

This place is meant to sit and enjoy the beach with a kokam juice.We had a nice evening walk from one end of the beach to the other end.The beauty of this beach is it is in the shape of a Cresent and few people know about this place i guess.We woke up early in the morning and had a walk and enjoyed the sun rise.The coconut trees just bent in the shape as if they want to come and soak in the sea.

Early morning in palolem.
Time just passed away and we were back with beautiful memories.
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  1. Lucky!! We visited Goa twice when we were in India, beautiful place! :)

  2. Yeah asha..its a nice place to go to.By the way which place in goa did you go to?

  3. oh... you seem to be having a great time in Goa!! I've only been once... stayed at Anjuna.. and coulnt see the beach.. but we stayed at a lovely hotel..

    It is indeed a place for people who love beaches.. and the sand... Its nice to relax... have a massage and go for a walk..

    Looking forward for the continuation of the post..

  4. Yeah patty i had great time there...anjuna beach is quiet dangerous beach as the sea is bit low there.I hope you too had a good time there...