Saturday, January 17, 2009

Colorful Delight

I have experimented a recipe in my kitchen lab.If taken regularly i guarantee that your weight falls as steeply as our share market.You tend to glow as moon on full moon day and as active as a child.I usually love salads made of fruits,vegetables.I thought that why wouldn't i give my hand in making a delightful recipe which is healthy,colorful.This recipe needs a microwave oven to heat it.

Cooking time is less than 30 mins.The maximum time taken is for cutting the veggies.The more thinner the slices,the more deep it cooks.And 5-8mins for heating in microwave oven at 850 degrees.

1. Thin slices of Green pepper or capsicum,
2. Thin slices of Red pepper ,
3.Thin slices of yellow pepper,
4.Thin slices of onions,
5.Thin slices of garlic,
6.Thin leaves of cabbage,
7.Small pieces of broccoli,
9.pinch of salt to taste.
10.small spoon of coriander powder.
11.small spoon of sonf powder,
12.Extra virgin olive oil,

Note:Green chillies can also be added.

Mix up all these veggies and with olive oil and microwave it for 5-8mins at 850 degrees.squeeze slice of lime to get tangy taste.

Here completes....yummy, tasty,tangy,colorful salad full of vitamins and weight watchers can give a try to this recipe.A glass of lassi will add flavour to the salad.

Happy Eating !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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