Friday, January 9, 2009

Wah!!!!Wahtta Living

Disappointed with everybody
Dedicated to nothing
Depressed for everything
Down with Complex in me
No mood to do anything
Scared for nothing
Blaming others
OMG !!!!what people think about me
Husband calling me a lazy bone
Not taking responsibility
Not accepting the people as they are
Always depends on others opinion


This was me before joining Art Of Living(AOL) ( ).Now its a different issue. (:-)). Its NEW ME now.I don't say that I have transformed totally, there is still a streak of OLD ME.At times my OLD ME pops out and starts dominating my NEW ME (after all i have fed her for the past 25 years).AOL Basic course mainly deals with the SUDARSHAN KRIYA ( ) and PRANAYAM.

There are other activities apart from breathing techniques which are equally interesting. The family you belong to will greatly influence you,nurture you,support you, and bring out a good human being in you.I was warmly welcomed to the family of AOL and its my responsibility to keep up my family's name.

Now i feel........WAH !!!WHAT A BEAUTIFUL LIFE ...WAH!!!! WHAT A LIVING!!!


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