Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dark circles

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This corner will deal with home remedies and also ways for better living.Those would be the remedies my grandma taught me.It is with immense pleasure that i look forward to posting a remedy in this section,if not everyday,atleast once a week.Here comes the first one.
Dark circles are always a problem for everyone, especially in these days when people hardly find time to grab good sleep.My solution is not a replacement for a sound sleep but some times even after we sleep adequately, it is possible to find those dark circles under the eyes.
All you have to do is grind the raw potatoes with the skin peeled off, i would say 2 medium-sized potatoes would be sufficient.Apply the paste under the eyes, gently rubbing the paste in a circular fashion.You can also apply the paste over the eye lids, depending on how the darkness is distributed around and over your eye.If the darkness is more under your eye, then apply the paste first under the eye for about few days until the colour matches it with the one over your eye.Then start applying the paste over the eye too.
Donot rub the paste for more than 15 minutes.Apply paste once or twice a day depending on the severity of the darkness.You shall see the change with in a week.

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  1. Almond oil is very effective to remove dark circles. Do a massage with almond oil regularly for 4-5 minutes before sleep. If you also have wrinkles on face, apply massage on whole face.
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