Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kewl Kalamkari

I have planned to buy a dress/saree for sankranthi.
Been to many shops in and around Hyderabad as i was keen on buying natural fabrics.Many shops could not impress me with their affluent environment,buzzing shoppers,same old stuff until my eyes landed on the ad given in magazine.

The shop is located in Banjara Hills,road number 10.Thinking that they would sell the same stuff with fat amount tagged to them(as the shop is in Banjara Hills),I even took my anxious colleagues who believe that i have an eye for good stuff.The moment came when three of us enquired about the shop and reached the location.I was not impressed as the dress looked more affluent,gaudy with a fat tag attached,as expected(May be the shop does not suit my pocket).

The neighboring shop caught my attention where i could see some prints.The shop is "Master Weavers".The fabric is too good.They sell only printed cottons.The KALAMKARI sarees are too good.I could find some KALAMKARI DRESS MATERIALS and plain cottons as well.I could not resist myself from buying a KALAMKARI SAREE and a KALAMKARI PURSE which fit into my budget.

so i would give 3 and half for 5 for the fabric and 3 and half for 5 for the rates tagged to them.

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  1. good one Tan...One of the expeditions of our shopping spree....There are many shops to name other than Master Weavers I guess[:P]

    Hope to see that list very soon!!!!!!!!!