Monday, May 18, 2009

My role model

She was a pampered princess to her father. She was the darling of the household and yet she never let her ego take over her. She did her schooling from a non-english medium school yet she went on to finish her post grad in M.A Economics in english medium.
She got married to a man who was never there for her in every aspect. She was never treated with respect at her in-laws place yet she never lost respect for her elders there. She gave birth to a daughter when she was diagnosed with rheumatic heart disease and yet she went on to have a second baby, a son, and completed her family. She worked despite all the odds to feed her family and also secured her children's future. She faced many storms in her professional life. That didn't stop her form working. She educated many college girls on her own money. She still gives away prize money to whoever tops in the subject she teaches ( Economics ).
She was always there for her kids, was part of their small joys and sorrows. She made her parents proud. She never lost passion for life. She tries to find joy in all the small things and big. She wanted that life for her daughter which she missed.
Wondering who am I talking about? Who else could I know this well than " My Mom " ? Yes, she's my role model and one person I look up to for everything. Today the relationship we share is more like friends than a mother-daughter one.
I always wonder if only I could be 1% of what she is and make her proud of me. I love her and since I'm down with cough and fever now, I miss her so much. Wish she was here, sitting next to me, stroking my hair.
" Miss you Mom, I so wish you were here "


  1. What a great tribute to your Mom! She sounds like such a strong woman.

  2. @SCHM : Oh yes she is a very strong woman!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I read it twice and I loved it. Your mum sounds angelic, that's the only word I can use. How lovely to have so many beautiful memories - and I know that you must have tons and tons more.
    Shall look forward to hearing more about your mum - I almost feel I know her. :)
    Oh and about her being there? She's always with you, flu or no flu. :)

  4. Thats really sweet of you Rose................
    Thank you.........


  5. What a beautiful post - such a nice tribute to your mother. How lucky you both are...

  6. Niceee... Loved it. Ur mom is indeed angelic like Rose mentioned.:-)

  7. wow !!
    such a sweat story....your mom is great..