Friday, May 1, 2009

Thoughts to Conquer

"Are you searching for job"? inquired my mother as she was worried about me sitting at home.

"At your age I was traveling alone with a month-old kid in my hands" said my MIL.

When there was a discussion on money, my husband told that "our parents worked harder and harder to earn each penny and we people got everything right in front of our hands".

"This is the generation of opportunities and you are not availing these" said a caring uncle who visited my home the other day.

My mother-in-law always says that she entered into an empty home when she got married.Everything we have now at our home (including our house in hyderabad) was my in-laws hard-earned and she is very proud of it. Same is the case with my parentswho would list out the items they have to buy, like gas connection ( it was very difficult getting a connection those days ), television, cooler..etc and used to tick off when they bought them. After marriage I didn't have the need to buy anything; everything was ready at home.

Their lives were always rotating around compromise, patience, dedication, sacrifice, hardwork. They have blossomed from those hard days. They walked for miles together to school, took care of their kid sisters and brothers, never traveled to any place, never bought a Saree for themselves as they thought that they could save money for future use. Their lives are inspirational. They have BIG stories to tell. Sometimes I feel that I am nothing in front of them.

Frankly, I didn't have a chance to sacrifice anything. Once my husband told me "my parents must be proud that you are their daughter-in-law". This is the biggest gift you can give to your parents.

Though I am lucky when compared to them, I feel that I should imbibe their qualities to achieve great heights in life. After all I have to narrate big stories from my life to my children and grand-children.



  1. Oh.. T!! I hope you have some big stories to tell!! Looking back my MIL and mom are great in thier own way. But to be like them is to give up toooooooo much!!! Both Ms lived all their lifes for their respective families.. And most of what you say is true. They would forgo something for themselves.. to buy for their sisters or brothers...

    I think we are blessed... that we dont really have to sacrifice that much... and we are more open to change and bank on the opportunities... isnt it??

  2. Yeah we are truly blessed with opportunities patty..