Thursday, April 30, 2009

Love or Infatuation??????????

Whenever I come across anyone who says he or she is in love, I feel happy for them 'cos being in love is such a beautiful feeling and everyone should experience it.
At a certain age, there is a natural tendency to get attracted to the opposite sex which we call it infactuation which starts with eyes and ends with eyes. The feeling that touches the heart is love, no matter where it starts and how it starts. Now I'm not a Love Guru but this is my take on love and infactuation.
I don't believe in " Love at first sight ". I might be getting into bad books of some people who read me. For me, love starts with interaction and knowing the person better. I have a little confession here. When I first saw my husband in the Orthopedic outpatient department, I thought he was very handsome. When I got to know him better, that is when I realised he is a very nice person too. That made me fall for him.
It is natural to get into and out of relationships as we grow up. I think its different with guys and gals. What I have observed with few of the people around me is that they are falling into something which they are not sure of to get out if things don't work out for them. They think they are in love when, in reality, they are infactuated with the person they just saw.
Some just blindly think that they are in love with whoever they are with, whether its the circumstances that bring them together or the people around them. They are not ready to accept the fact that the person they want to live with might not be the right one for them.
Well, some say love is blind and it is love and not infactuation when they feel the way i just described in the previous sentence. When they go ahead and start their new life with that person, they realise that they did a mistake.
It is different in other countries where the guys and gals of teen-age are vocal, about their feelings, to their parents. Also, parents don't feel embarrased to discuss these things with kids. More importantly, the kids are not scared of their parents to express themselves. It is quite different here in India. Though we see a lot of love marriages happening in this generation, we hardly see any parents who accept things with a smile and a hug.
The kids think that their parents wouldn't understand when they tell them that they are in love. After a certain age, parents need to be friendly with their kids so that the kids feel free to share everything with the parents and the parents can advice them to take the right path and chose the right person to be " happy ever after " !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are always hiccups in every relationship but at the end of the day what matters is that you and the one who loves you stay together and learn from experiences and both are happy to go through the ups and downs together and treat eachother as not "me" or "you" but as "us".
Till the next post, keep falling in love !!!!!!!!!!


  1. thanks again for the sweet words! Be sure to come check out my blog today and enter to win the give-a-way we're hosting.

  2. I so agree with you!! My mom is cool.. and we can discuss just about anything with her... Also.. I feel at the end.. parents love their kids so much... that they give in... Infact give in ... is not right.. their love over shadows their anger.. and they tend to accept what their child wants.

  3. Hey Pat,I must say you are very lucky to have a wonderful mom like her. I share the same kind of rapport with my mom. I must say, we have so much in common!!!!!!!!!

    Perfect Pallete, I love reading your posts and the beautiful colour combos you bring out everytime !!!!!!! The pleasure is all mine !!!!