Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rangoli at Sankranthi - Telugu festival

You must be wondering what am I doing writing a post on Sankranthi in the month of April when the festival was celebrated in the month of January? Here's my story. I took pictures of the rangoli we ( me and my little cousins) made on the night before Sankranthi and stored them but everytime I found a new topic to write about and so I didnt find time to write about the festival. When I was going through the pictures today, I found these rangoli pictures staring at me as though they were enquiring when they would be published in my blog? So here they are.

This rangoli was made by us right in front of our apartment building and this is how it looked like basically. We didnt like the way it turned out completely as it looked incomplete, not that the colours are missing but we wanted it to look complete with everything in it. You can see the Diyas / lamps and the clay pots with balls in it and bananas ( which dont look like bananas but we gave them that name, they were supposed to look like sugarcane sticks but never mind ).

So we filled in the boundaries with, what we called, sugarcanes and this is how it looked like after the final touch to the ground work.

After filling in the colours, we were so proud of the final outcome which looked like this. Did the basic dots and drawing with chalk and then filled in colours and outlined with the white powder you use to make rangoli. Can't forget the proud expression on the girls' faces. Loved it !!!!!!!!!

Finally I'll leave you guys with pictures of few more rangolis made by our neighbours who let us take pictures of their proud art.

This rangoli was made by my cousins at the other entrance / gate of our apartment building.



  1. OMG.. very impressive!! I'm saving this.. and coming back to it during Diwali.. I'll copy the butterfly design for sure!! wow!

    and yes.. once the colours are in.. it just looks out of this world!

  2. Thank you Rose, Nice to see your comments in my blog. Thanks for dropping by.