Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bonds of love

This morning my husband went to the airport to catch a plane to Mumbai, along with a friend of ours, who is my husband's colleague. Well she's more a family member now than just a colleague or friend. Despite the age gap of 20 years between her and us ( me and my husband), we got along very well and considering the fact that she's from a different country, I think we gel very well despite the differences in every aspect. Anyway, my husband called me this morning from the airport saying that our friend's father had a fall, back in her country ( she's from USA ) and because she's here in India and can't reach their place soon, she's busy on the phone finding out about his condition. She's a very strong woman and put up with the situation very bravely.

This reminded me of a similar situation a month ago when I got a call from my grandmother early one morning saying that my mom was unable to speak and she's breathing heavily. My mom and granny stay in my home town, which is a 5 hour drive from where I live, all by themselves. They refused to come and stay with me for some reasons. Anyway, I had to call my cousin who lives at my home town and they took her to the hospital. I was worried all along till I got to see her. This has happened before when I was in college. My mom's a heart patient and she has undergone open heart surgery for mitral valve replacement almost 16 years back and she's on a life long medication for the proper functioning of her artificial valve.

I couldn't sleep for a week after that, juggling with the hospital shifts and also the thought that this could happen yet again kept me worrying about her. This made me wonder how we just can't accept the fact that the one we love can face a fatal situation and could not be with us forever. I think we should let go off some things after a certain time and accept everything that comes in future as a part of life. Situations like these give us the strength to deal with a lot of things in life. I believe that nothing's more important than life but it is also true that it's beginning or end is not in our hands. All we can do is live the life given to us in a way that God feels proud of giving it to us.

I pray that our friend's father gets back on his feet soon, considering he is an old man in his late 80's, he'll take some time but I really wish everything turns out well.


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  1. Oh... I hope he feels better soon and will pray. You are absolutely right about loosing loved ones. Its extremely difficult to think about it, let alone live and understand the situation. I dont know how I'll face such a situation. Its easier to talk about it, than to actually come face to face with it. But am sure at that point God does give you the strength. We should really let go... like you said and live... a good life!!