Monday, April 27, 2009

The Chiken or the Egg?

You must be familiar with the argument, what came first, the chicken or the egg? I find something similar to this - the media and entertainment and the real life. I can't put it better, forgive me for the simpleton I am. Everytime I watch someone, killed or molested or kidnapped or abused or acid thrown on someone by their own peers ,on the news or in a movie or in a soap, I wonder if these mediums are spreading awareness among people to be wary of the these situations around them and warning them to not fall into these traps or are these mediums giving ideas to those who are in need of it to create situations like that and make others go through this misery?

When asked, those who work for these mediums, say that they are bringing the real life stories to everyone's notice but by doing so are they not bringing it to the notice of those people too who are in need of those ideas in this matter? Not everyone is bad by birth. Situations make a person what he / she is. By showing something like that through a popular medium, don't you think the person who is in need of such an idea, is actually showed a path which he / she might not otherwise take it?

I also believe that these mediums are not encouraging the people to take up the wrong path. What a person turns into also depends on his / her own desire to become that. People around him / her should interfere and show the right path. But what about those who don't have anyone around them? When these people are asked why did they have to do it, they say, " Is it not how the world is?" That is when I feel that if only they knew that it is not how the world is and it is how only few people are.

Worst part is that there is not justice done to the victim and this gives the stubborn strength to the one who dares of attempting such a thing. We see that there are many pending cases in the courts, justice delayed to some victims and others even deprived of it. People who commit the crime roam around on the streets like they haven't done anything wrong.
I believe that when the media, in all forms, not only shows the incident and the detailed description of it but also arranges for a public court or discussions with not just the elite crowd but also the regular middle class and low class crowd to participate in it and make them a part of being right, something can be done to stop the crime. Also, the courts have to speed up the system of justice being done.

Tickets for contesting the elections should not be given to those who have already committed offense in any form. Unfortunately, that is not how it happens in this country but I think it's high time we did something about it too. Whoever in authority, commits crime, should be sacked. I mean, come on, we are among the top countries in terms of population. Can't we find a replacement in this ocean of people? Finally, who is going to put this through someone's head, someone who is willing for a change like this?

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  1. Agree completely!!! I often think the same.. when they show terrorism or hijacking in movies (English or Hindi).. and wonder how many people must be learning from these??

    For sure the justice system needs correction.. How?? is something... that will take a long time to answer. A few right people.. in the right place maybe!!

    One thing I totally agree with... tickets for contesting elections should be revoked from people who have any form of criminal record.. or they should do... so many hours of community service to correct this.

  2. I think even after they do hours of community service, they should be denied entry into politics. People like this have made the politics dirty.