Monday, April 13, 2009

The Buddha Statue - Hyderabad

There is lake, the Hussain Sagar Lake, in the middle of the city of Hyderabad. History has it that the then Nizam got this built in the middle of the city to drive the heat away and for recreation. Now, there stands a huge Buddha statue in the middle of the lake. The statue was inside water, I mean the lake, for some months when it accidentally fell into it as it lacked it strong foundation. This happened almost 10 years back and then the Govt. got a strong foundation for it after it was removed from the lake.

There is more history to it. Wish I had good memory to remember everything I read on the display board there. But, never mind. I shall visit the statue again and get more information next time. For now, I'll leave you guys with this picture.


  1. This Buddha looks amazing!!! Is this in the lake really? Wow!! I’ll have to plan a trip to Hyderabad now! Cant wait to read more info on this!!

  2. Hmmmmmmm............. You should visit Hyderabad. Its such a beautiful and warm ( I'm talking about the people here )place. This Buddha statue is in the middle of the lake and you will have to take a short boat ride to reach the statue. You can spend time there. It is serene and the view of the city lights from the centre of the lake, just like that from the Haji Ali of Mumbai,is beautiful.