Saturday, April 11, 2009


The hot topics of the season are either ELECTIONS or Terrorism. These two topics are taking a toll on our lives. Whichever channel I switch to, I find either a campaign by party leaders or terrorism building its roots on our soil (INDIA) . Frankly, these two topics make me sick and at the same time, I fear that people get allured by wrong party and vote for them.

I had a serious discussion with my dad on elections (what could I do was on my mind). Through his words I understood that URBAN crowd are not in the front line of voting as they think that their one vote will not change the future of nation. Ironically, URBAN crowd should be more willing to VOTE. Infact, Urban crowd should come and vote as the politicians cannot allure them with a cutlery set or cricket set.

I was so much impressed by the campaign run by "LEAD INDIA". I told myself, " why should we people sit and discuss about who will vote and who will not? Why not we take responsibility of giving awareness on voting.

Incidentally,I got a call from one of my friends requesting me to attend a campaign on " USE YOUR VOTE " . I jumped to the idea immediately and was ready carrying a placard written " USE YOUR VOTE " near a traffic signal.

I grabbed the attention of every person near the traffic signal ( this is the first time i got sooooo much attention that I literally blushed). Of course, I got the privilege to do this as I am part of " Art Of Living " family. People were very eager to read what was written on the placard and some people expressed their appreciation in the form of thumbs up. I did not notice the time until a gentleman came to me asking whether I am okay carrying a placard for such a long time. Then i noticed that i was carrying it for the past one and half hour. We even distributed pamphlets which spread awareness on voting. I had great time doing this as I was looking forward to do this.

P.S :I came across some hilarious captions on T.V and radio like "DOT hai to HOT hai" and "VOTE ya VAAT".

I hope at least a couple of people got inspired by our campaign and will take time to cast their vote.


  1. Oh.. Sampoorna.. Well done!! I'm so proud of you!! I'm been very impressed with the campaign 'Lead India'. I love all the Aamir Khan adverts... and I think thats brilliant. I hate to see the channels going on and on about elections. But I actually like it... when they start talking about... younger people going to vote and how it is so important. Its very important to tell urban India that their vote really counts!!!

    The other day I heard on the ndtv 'you are only cool if you have a black dot on voting day'... 'voting is the in thing'

    Well.. as long as they get more voters... and there is some decent decision made.

    Honestly my husband and I have this discussion all the time.. He is of the opinion that the Election committee should ban the BJP and Congress completely... and allow on two absolutely new parties... And all candidates should be asked to join of these two parties. However.. I am in support of independent candidates...

    Wish the NRI community could vote as well... !

  2. I think you have a chance to vote as well...the other day i was discussing this topic with my husband.he said that there is postal voting facility for NRI's..however,i am not sure.

  3. really?? I must check on this one... with the embassy and will let you know!