Friday, April 17, 2009

You are What You Eat!!!!

Do you think Fat is Fit? Do you think Counting Calories is good thing? Do you think eating cow ghee or banana chips or upma or parathas makes you fat?? or do you think starving means dieting?? or loosing weight is measured only through the weighing scales??

Yesterday when I popped into a book shop to get some books, my eyes fell on a book named "Don't loose your mind loose your weight" by Rujuta Diwekar. I Immediately grabbed the book and looked into the contents. It was quiet impressive and the price is affordable Rs 199 ( this is my First time going through a book which contains information on diet and how to eat ).

The book gave right definition of dieting. Dieting is not starving but eating food at right time. Author provided some real time examples how people ate? What they ate? How did they starve to loose weight? In many examples I could see myself, as I too happened to carry those myths in my mind regarding getting into shape some time back. The examples portrayed typical Indian minds.

Author beautifully said that eating local food will help us remain fit and healthy. The foods include upma, idli, poha, momos, parathas etc.. (these should be home cooked and eaten in small quantities). She also explained how we should relish the food, by touching the food (only hands not by spoon or fork), by seeing the colour of food. She insists that while eating we should sit cross-legged keeping our body, mind at one place unlike having your food watching T.V or talking to someone on phone. She says this is an absolute no-no.

The book explained beautifully how to control our intake by reading our stomach, importantly where to draw a line between eating and over-eating. How to say no to junk food when our best friends insists us to have. She also gives ideas how to fake a tummy ache during late night parties. Author ended the book by breaking all our myths on exercise and saying that eating right should make us look good, toned and healthy not skinny, unhealthy.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I am almost following the words of the author.


  1. oh I like this post!!! I will buy the book for sure. Am off to Mangalore to surprise my mom & dad... They are there for now... My dads parental home was rebuilt and they are having like a huge house warming party & puju.. So am off only for 4 days.. see you soon!!

  2. Hey patty,
    Welcome to India.Hope You have good time and do buy the book