Friday, April 24, 2009

Did you know ????

The other day, I was going through an article in newspaper which talked about aging. I have read this in my medical physiology books too that our body produces some " free radicals " which are responsible for aging. Now have you ever wondered why our forefathers or the people from previous generation had a different deadline for aging from us despite their body producing the same amount of free radicals as our body does? Why are we getting older at an earlier age than they did? I"m talking about the premature greying of hair, wrinkles in the skin, so on and so forth...............
Here is the answer to all your questions. It is in our eating habits purely. Today we are used to eating junk food more often than the nutritious food our people from previous generations had. Now you must be thinking " come on! we all know that ! " . Have you ever thought how food is related to aging? Well here's the logic. The healthy and nutritious food which I'm talking about, has something called " anti oxidants " which fight against the free radicals and their effects on aging. These anti oxidants are richly found in foods like greeny leafy vegetables ( spinach particularly ), tomatoes, all kinds of nuts.
Here is some good news for the tea lovers. Tea is supposed to be abundant in anti oxidants. So invite over your friends for a cup of tea and help them deccelerate their aging process !!!!!!!!!!!!!. Eat healthy and live healthy !!!!!!!!!!
" R "


  1. R- I dont think its the tea we drink... Like boil the tea and kill it types.. with milk. When you talk about tea.. you mean herbal tea.. that you leave for a few minutes for essence.. and then drink 'black'.. just pure tea!!

  2. Oh yes ofcourse the herbal tea. Its black tea too. Anything without milk. Hey I also forgot to mention sweet potatoes. Was I day dreaming when I wrote this post ???????????!!!!!!!!!! Just wondering...................

  3. Aging is also related to mental health ... other wise the managers who take all super rich diets looked younger than village men