Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Number Tag

Tagged by my new blogger friend Patty, I'm doing this and I apologise to my new friend for the late response. Anyway, hope you guys know more about me through this.

  • 1 Blog I write.
  • 2 Years of marriage and still trying to figure out where the 2 years went? Guess a lifetime is not enough to spend with the loved ones.
  • 3 Siblings I adore - Krishna, Karthik and Tanuja.
  • 4 Things I started doing this year - making candles, sewing, gardening, writing my blog.
  • 5 Things I can't live without or stop doing - cooking, blogging, giving advice, talking, reading.
  • 6 People with whom I share everything with - My mom, Nani, Hubby, Brothers, Mother - in- law, my Best Friend.
  • 7 Years since I have been living in this apartment and plan to live on in the same apartment for ever, if possible.
  • 8 Years since I have been associated with the field of medicine - for those of you who don't know, I'm a Physiotherapist with Masters in Neurology.
  • 9 Occasions / Festivals our family celebrates - New year, Sankranthi, Holi, Ugadi, Sriramanavami, Rakhi, Sravanasukravaram, Diwali, Dussera.
  • 10 O'clock at night is the time I call it a day.

I would love to tag my old friend " T " and my new blogger friend Rose.



  1. Sampoorna... this is lovely!!! and your reply was quicker than expected. I took about three weeks to reply!!!

    I'll have to learn the sewing bit from you then!!!

    OMG.. now I know so much about you!!!

    Also... we share no. 10!!

  2. I was expecting us to share atleast one thing, I'm glad we do. I'm always here to help you with the sewing part. I shall mail you few websites where in you can learn about sewing.

  3. I enjoyed reading your number tag Sampoorna - it was simple, sweet and honest - writing like that is always a joy to read. Well done!! I especially loved your number 7 - we used to live in a flat like that during my teen years - I thought it was simply made for our family!