Saturday, April 18, 2009

The 50th Post

On the occasion of 50th post we would like to thank everyone who's been supportive and encouraging us with all the advice and the sweet comments. You must be wondering why I'm using the word " We " instead of " I "? Here's the secret. Its not one but two people writing the posts in this blog. We wanted to reveal it in our 50th post. Actually we have been thinking about writing a bit about ourselves since a long time but wanted to do it on a special occasion. Well what more special than a 50th post on our blog?

We are two best friends librans to the core(one week difference,born in the same hospital) who are just lucky for each other, who have been through thick and thin together from the childhood, been separated during college as we took different subjects but never lost touch and kept contact through mails and letters and now we are still together through this blog though we live in different cities. When the idea of blogging popped in one of our minds, we thought we'll start it together since we both were new to it.
We put in every little part of us and that's how this blog is now publishing its 50th post. We have always been proud of our little brain child and it wouldn't have been possible with out the readers of our blog.

About T:

  • Born libran, Engineer by profession, Indian to the core.
  • Expressive, talkative, emotional, artistic, impulsive, romantic.
  • Loves nature a lot, I always get inspired from it.
  • Interested in learning languages. I know Telugu (my mother tongue), English, Hindi, now can understand a little bit of Marathi as I had move to Maharashtra, planning to learn french.
  • Ardent follower of H.H.Sri Sri Ravi Shankar My guru who transformed me totally.
  • Love to go places, meet people and know their culture, enjoy reading.
  • Intelligence turns me on, Dirty-politics, hypocrisy, arrogance is a BIG NO.
  • Married for 4 and half years to a wonderful person on the earth who is my support in many ways. Waiting to see how life surprises me.
  • I have a funny bone. My words tickle people and make them laugh.
  • Few things that give me pleasure like food (would like to taste every cuisine in the world - only veg)), Music, Dance and any indoor or outdoor sport, long drives, trekking, long walks into the nature, I want to try cycling as well.
  • Desire to grow professionally, personally and spiritually. I will achieve everything with my guruji's grace.
  • In future I would want to learn Photography, Swimming, Yoga, Meditation.
  • Always ready to experiment new things in life.
  • I believe that Life we lead is directly proportional to the way we think.
  • I am pretty conservative in some issues.
  • Love herbal, natural, home remedies rather than anything chemical and artificial.
  • I am afraid of hair coloring, hair straightening. I go to beauty parlor only to get basic things done.
  • I hate going to pubs, discos.
  • Simplicity is my Mantra.
  • I am totally a family-lady. Love to spend time with my family.

About R :

  • Best friend to T, I'm also born Libran, I guess we were destined to be friends. We have so much in common. You could apply most of the above lines to me.
  • I'm a Physiotherapist with a Masters in Neurology - many a times the thought occurred if I could be someone else but eventually I always loved what I am.
  • Been married for 2 years and I feel that I have been blessed with more than I wished for. Thank you God.
  • I had a desire to be recognised, although now I just want to help and earn my ticket to be with God. I don't want to sound like I have lost interest in life. My belief is that eventually only good deeds matter at the end of the day.
  • After all the heavy stuff above, my hobbies - blogging is my newly developed hobby. Others being cooking, reading, sewing, gardening, inviting people over and hosting parties.
  • My mom is both my weakness and my strength. Guess the preferences change as new people coming into life but there's always this one person who never stops loving you and caring for you no matter how your priorities change. Love you Mom.

From now on the posts would be on our pen names " T " and " R " .


  1. Well how lovely to get to know you both! Good friendships are hard toind- it's great to read how long you guys have held on to it : )
    I raise my glass to your 50th post - here's to many more!

  2. Thank you Rose. We really are happy that we published our 50th post and you liked it.

    " R "

  3. Hey thank you ROSE.
    Yeah we both are blessed.
    And take my word..there will be many more wonderful posts ahead and hope you will enjoy reading them.


  4. oh.. fab.. Hello T & R... nice to know you both.

    yes.. Rose.. I've raised my glass as well... congrats on the 50th.. and cant wait to read many more!!!

  5. Thank you Pat, hope you had a great time in Mangalore - " R ".