Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Free Advice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One thing you get free always and from everyone - advice. You find many who are willing to give advice without anyone asking them. I don't know if this is the way it is in other countries as well, but this is how it works here in India. Some people think that they have all the rights to just rush into some person's personal space. By giving unwanted and unasked advice, people think that they are helping the other person out and the one who is supposed to take it should be more than happy to have this person there.
I have few people around me, both inside and outside my family, who think they are being very nice and supportive and helping me out by giving an advice I don't need and I haven't asked for. The other day, there was this woman in my apartment building who happened to have some one home who came saying that he was a carpenter and he was there asking for someone's address. She didn't know any one by that name, the name this capenter guy gave her. Despite that, she went ahead and asked him to get some door fixed in her flat, for which he said it would cost around 125, just to fix the door hinges and she readily gave him the money and didn't think of delegating the job of looking over the whole thing to the watchman. Not just that. The carpenter guy went and checked all the rooms at this woman's home. Didn't know what he was looking for. The lady herself didn't ask or stop him from checking out the house. The carpenter guy took the money and left and never turned up again. She came to my home and instead of feeling stupid for what she did, she started giving me advice to not allow any unknown person inside my home. I just got so angry and irritated at her behaviour. I just didn't know what to say.
I guess this one example is more than enough to explain how stupid and irritating some people are. I always wish I never come across people like this as I just can't handle myself from expressing the irritation I go through.
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  1. Ha ha... how true!!! Yes.. you always find people giving free advice.. and I think these exist in every family.

    Goodness.. How stupid can that woman be?? In this day and age.. to let someone wander around her house. Weird??!! hey??!! That people do not use their brains at all.. Now I sound irritated like you.. as well!!