Monday, April 6, 2009


My second visit to goa was quite different from the first one, except for the fact that we have been to Palolem again. This time we travelled towards North Goa to Morjim. I was not impressed by the beach as it was a bit shabby, no sand and some hippies partying here and there. The sight itself got me scared as I did not find good crowd. It seemed to me like we were the only one staying at the resort. But to say, the resort was wonderful.

View from our resort

After staying for a day in Morjim, we decided to move to Baga. Baga is much happening place in Goa. Water sporting is the main event there and you can also find rides near by beach Anjuna via sea. We took a ride on the speed boat and My God!!!!! it was a terrible experience. I was literally petrified by the sight of huge water body and the speed of the boat. People seemed to be having great time but I found it hard by the sight of huge sea around.

I had a chance to visit a flee market called Ingos Bazaar which is generally on wednesdays and saturdays. This bazaar opens at 8 at night and closes at around 2 a.m. People around the world come here to sell their goods. There were many stalls selling handmade jewellery, beautiful fabrics, hammocks, ethnic jewellery, Tibetian stuff..etc. We came across budding musicians playing music on the stage.

There were many stalls selling great North Indian, South Indian and English food, you name it they have it. It was like fusion of the world.

People listening to music at Ingos.

I really had a great time at Ingos. The creativity is at its edge there. I have never seen such a market which had great creative stuff from all around the world.
We have been to a spice farm near Ponda. We were welcomed by a garland and flowers. The guide took us on a tour into the spice farm explaining about the spices in the farm and their medicinal values. The farm even sell concentrated herbal oils which have medicinal values. The spice farm tour was very informative and interesting as we came to know about different types of spices and their uses.

This spice farm takes care of Elephants as well. You get a chance to spend time with Elephants as well. I have taken a snap of a lady giving nice wash to Elephant. Elephant splashed water on this lady whenever the gentleman instructed the Elephant to do so. It was worth watching.

At the end of the tour, farm provides us a good buffet with traditional delicacies.




  1. I bet she loved scrubbing the Elephant's back! :D

  2. I enjoyed whole scene to full.Elephant splashing water on her was worth watching.