Saturday, April 4, 2009

Alternative medicine-Ayurveda

I have always been intrigued by alternative medicine.Ever since I heard about nadi pariksha ( checking the pulse ), I was dying to get it done.In nadi pariksha,doctor checks our pulse and analyzes Vata,Pitta and kapha levels in our body and prescribes medicine accordingly. In fact, this alternative medicine has been practiced since a long time in India. Not many have knowledge about this in this time, may be due to the slow results yet permanent as the problem is removed from the root level. People think that this is an obsolete medical treatment to follow. Nadi pariksha is a part of ayurvedic treatment. They detect the problem and give Ayurvedic medicines which I feel have no side effects.

I heard many interesting stories about nadi pariksha and thought of giving it a try. One of the stories is that the Nizam of Hyderabad, once thought of getting nadi pariksha done to his wife. As we know, there was "purdah system", where in women were not allowed to be seen and touched by any man other than her husband/family. So nizam tied a small thread to her hand (where the pulse is felt ) and passed the thread to nadi vaidya ( the doctor) . He checked the pulse of the queen through the thread and prescribed the medicine.

The other interesting fact about nadi pariksha is that if you want to know the health condition of any of your family members, say your mother/brother/sister or any other person in your family, and for some reason they can't make it to the doctor, you can still find out about their health. The doctor would ask you to think about the person, who's health you would want to enquire about, and would tell you about the concerned's health and would also prescribe the medicines.

Today my Mom-in-law and I went to get nadi pariksha done. The doc checked my pulse for few seconds and said that my pitta levels are high. She also said that everyone by birth has some nature (vata,pitta,kapha). By her examination, I found out that my nature is pitta. She described that people having pitta nature have very sharp features, are intelligent, have leadership qualities (hmmm felt very nice listening to these) and also are short-tempered, lethargic..etc. They even forecast our health problems and suggest us to take certain foods which pacifies our imbalance.

My mom-in-law wanted to know about my husband's health and it's issues. The doctor just told her to think about her son (my husband) and she told about his nature (hmm quiet interesting). Now I started using ayurvedic medicine which she prescribed..will let you know the results...may be in a month's time.


  1. oh I've heard of this... My mom went to a doc ages ago.. in Bangalore.. Everything he said was quite right.. but my mom ran out of patience.. as you really need to continue with these medications.. they are not like allopathy where the cure is instant!!! Now moms on homeopathy.. I think she prefers this.

    She even braved acupuncture.. Can you believe that!! I just couldn’t even think about some needles being poked into me!!

  2. Yeah it happens patty,it will test our patience.I was under homeopathy for 4 years (for dust allergy).First it will aggravate and then it starts to remove it from the must have lot of patience for alternative medicine.